Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Touch of Colour

Colored pants have been trending for a while now. These are actually my first pair of colored skinnies since the fashion-less era that was early 2000s(I had pink and green ‘dirty jeans’ hipsters?! ). I paired my pants with a sheer top with circle patterns.
Full look…

I added the John Lennon glasses, to take the look up a notch abit. With just the right accessories, you can glam up just about any look. The key is to either add a statement jewellery , shoe or fashionable eye-wear.

Pants-Adamz, sheer top(Mink Pink)- random lady I met who was selling blouses, brown strappy wedges-Gifted

The up-do of my braids, this with the round glasses=retro chic 

Miss Vavavum


Cheptoo Cece said...

Love the top-it neutralizes the neon blue jeans. Nice combination.

Miss Vavavum said...

Thank you