Proudly African, visionary, believer, ambitious, fashionista, fashion enthusiast and fabulousity addict. 'Vavavum' is a word ,mostly used to describe something that is out of this world, amazing beyond words, It has that 'wow' effect on people!! It describes my dressing rather style. A lover of the outdoors and adventure. Not your ordinary,not about,never will be the ordinary. 

Having spent my late teens and university years exploring my passion for fashion, from modeling to working as a volunteer stylist, writing fashion articles for local campus magazines, styling TV pilots (unfortunately they never got on air) styling friends who work on set and my ultimate, oh-so-glorious moment/very best day of my life ever: one Saturday 14th of April 2012, when I was selected to co-ordinate a charity fashion show for the YWCA Kenya. To date nothing matches the bliss, the happiness and the perfection of that day, proving even more my undying love for the fashion industry. It was a few months later after this that I began my blog. I am a great proponent of following your bliss, my journey with my blog has led me beyond my dreams like my internship and subsequent job at Blankets & Wine(2013) which involved Producing the 'We The Music' and 'Between Us' web series, digital Marketing ,artist management, events and media relations and even hosting live Google+ hangouts with Kenya's top music moguls,to front row seats at local fashion shows and even working in one of the fastest growing local design houses. And currently the  Creator & Fashion Director  of the #OwnYourCulture Movement and now Editor of ownyourcultureafrica.com.This has and still is my journey, following my bliss (fashion, art and culture) with every atom of myself, discovering, conquering and exuding all of my brilliance creatively and otherwise.
Join me as I embark on my journey to being the ultimate, brilliant best in this obsession of mine I call fashion.
Enjoy your time on my creative space.

Much love 
Miss Vavavum

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